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Volo Airsport User Manual

Look here for answers to the most common questions! > **Introduction** Thanks for purchasing Volo Airsport. Welcome pilot, you're the best! This document is a work in progress. Some contents might be out of date, and some contents might still be missing. If you have unanswered questions about how to play the game, or how to configure it, let us know on these forums! Chances are you can get immediate help from either us or the regular users here. You can also reach us at info@volo-airsport.com if you need to. ---------- > **Downloading Volo Airsport** Steam automatically keeps your game updated, so just launch the game and play! If you're downloading updates through Humble, here's how to download the newest version of the game: The game will tell you if a new version is out when you start it up! You can also find out if there is a new version available on the [Volo Airsport website][1]. New versions of Volo Airsport can be downloaded through your personal [Humble Store page][2] after logging in, or by using the original Humble Key you received when making your purchase. Lost your Humble Key? Use the [Humble Key Resender][3] to get it back. ---------- > **Getting your Steam Key from your Humble Purchase** If you bought the game through Humble, you have access to a Steam Key free of charge. Follow the instructions in the section **Downloading Volo Airsport** to get access to your Volo Airsport downloads, as this is also where you'll find your Steam key. If you followed your original Humble Key url you'll see the option to claim your Steam key right on that page. If you're looking at your personal Humble library instead, scroll down to the "Unredeemed Keys" section and click on Volo Airsport there. ---------- > **Screenshot Mode** By pressing while flying F10 you can and activate a free camera mode. In this mode you can move the camera around freely while the game is paused. Use F5 to save high resolution screenshots to the Screenshots folder found in the game's root folder. (This feature is unfinished and only really works with keyboard and mouse) ---------- > **In-Game Settings** An explanation of the in-game configuration options. **Mouse Sensitivity**: The power with which your mouse causes the character to move. The higher you set this, the more your character will move in response to your input. (This only affects the mouse, if used) **Speed Scaling**: Sensitivity is scaled down as you gain speed, making your movement smaller and the character easier to control. The higher you set this, the stronger this scaling effect is. A good default value is 0.9 (In Volo Airsport v3 this setting was lower by default, but not 0. Try 0.4 or 0.6.) **Input Gamma**: Joystick input is scaled so a large portion of the stick movement is used for small motions, and only the outer part of the range does large motions. The higher you set this, the easier it becomes to make small motions, but the less precise your large motions become. A good default for gamepads and joysticks is 2. Mouse and keyboard controls are unaffected by this setting. > **Playing with Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 Controllers** These controllers usually do not work out of the box. Check out [this forum post][4] for our recommendations for playing with a Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 pad. > **Beta Testing** We distribute several versions of Volo Airsport. Right now we have several different flavors, or 'branches' available: default - The stable, vanilla version of the game test - The bleeding edge development version of the game oculus - Temporary older version of the game, with Oculus Rift support. Want to help us test new features for the game? If so, great! Here's how you switch between different branches: 1. Start Steam (you can only do this through Steam) 2. Go to your game library 3. Right click Volo Airsport, go to Properties 4. Go to Betas, and select the desired branch. Steam will now automatically start downloading the latest version on the branch you selected. After it's done, just launch the game. Discuss beta features in the [Beta Forum Category][5]. > **Oculus Rift DK2 Setup** Volo Airsport v3’s support for virtual reality is still rough, so here's a quick setup guide. Note that most of these steps only have to be performed once. **Getting the Oculus Build** 1. Start Steam 2. Go to your game library 3. Right click Volo Airsport, go to Properties 4. Go to Betas, and select the oculus branch. 4. Go to Local Files, click Browse Local Files, create a desktop shortcut to the *"volo_airsport_DirectToRift"* executable found there. Steam will now download and install a variant of v3.4 which runs on the Rift **Configuring your PC** 1. Make sure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date 2. Make sure you’ve installed the latest Oculus Runtime 3. Make sure you’ve upgraded the firmware of your DK2 using the Oculus Runtime 4. Set Rift Display mode: Direct HMD Access from Apps **Configuring the Game** 1. The oculus version ships with a pre-configured setup file. No need to configure anything before you start. 2. You can optionally change some graphics settings like terrain quality once in-game 3. Leave Tree Distance at 0. A bug in the terrain engine causes huge slowdown whenever trees are on. 4. Some user interface elements (like the window with speed/altitude info) also slow the game down. Turn them off if you need to. **Final steps before play** 1. Launch the game through the desktop shortcut you created earlier. (Launching directly through Steam will crash the game) 2. You're now ready to play! Future versions of the Unity engine will allow us to launch in DirectToRift mode when launching the game directly from Steam. > **Targeting a Specific Renderer** On Windows you can force the game to use a specific renderer, like DirectX 11 or OpenGL. Volo is designed to run on DirectX 9. This means you don't need to use these shortcuts, not even if you know what they do! The alternate rendering modes are primarily there for testing potential workarounds. Say you have a strange graphical artifact when you run the game normally, we might ask you to run the game through using one of these to see if the problem persists on different versions of Direct X or on OpenGL. In other words, if you're having serious trouble just getting the game to run properly, try one of these other renderers and see if it helps. To start the game with a different renderer, create a custom shortcut: 1. Right click on volo_airsport.exe 2. Click “Create Shortcut” 3. Right click on the newly created shortcut 4. In the “Target” field, add one of the following lines to the end of the text, after the closing quote 1. -force-d3d9 2. -force-d3d11 3. -force-opengl 5. Example: "C:Program FilesVolo Airsportvolo_airsport.exe" -force-d3d11 6. Click OK 7. Rename the shortcut file to something useful, like “Volo Airsport DX11” > **Course Editor** Start the course editor from the options menu (only available while flying at the moment). From here you can use the mouse to select an existing course to edit or create a new one: The controls are listed at the bottom left corner of the screen. You can use the graphical user interface to create, move, and and delete rings, or you can use the available keyboard shortcuts. Courses are saved automatically (every 20 seconds and when you exit the editor). You can find them in: *C:Usersyour_usernameDocumentsVolo AirsportCourses* (on Windows) or */Users/your_username/Documents/VoloAirsport/Courses* (on Mac OS X). To share your courses you can post them in the [Course Sharing Thread][6]. Open the Courses folder and drag the course files to the edit screen of the forum, like this: To download courses from the [forum][7] you save/copy them to courses folder.The new courses are loaded into the game after you restart it. > **Troubleshooting** If the game crashes at any point, please send us a bug report. Either [make a post in the Bugs category][8], or email [support@volo-airsport.com][9]. **Please include the game's log file** as it will probably contain vital information as to what went wrong, here's where to find it: Win: your-steam-install-dirSteamsteamappscommonVolo Airsportvolo_airsport_Data_output_log.txt Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Ramjet Anvil/Volo Airsport/Player.log If you're on Windows, an easy way to browse to the log file is: 1. In Steam, go to your Library 2. In the list, right click Volo Airsport and choose Properties 3. Click the Local Files tab 4. Click Browse Local Files 5. Find the output_log.txt in volo_airsport_Data (Note: in the future we'll automatically send the log file whenever something goes wrong.) [1]: http://volo-airsport.com/ [2]: https://www.humblebundle.com/home [3]: https://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender [4]: http://forum.volo-airsport.com/t/playing-volo-with-a-ps3-and-ps4-pad/ [5]: http://forum.volo-airsport.com/c/volo-airsport/beta [6]: http://forum.volo-airsport.com/t/volo-time-trial-courses-exchange/ [7]: http://forum.volo-airsport.com/t/volo-time-trial-courses-exchange/ [8]: http://forum.volo-airsport.com/c/volo-airsport/volo-bugs [9]: http://mailto:support@volo-airsport.com