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Making camel milk 'safer': Researchers combat E. coli and salmonella with new lactic acid bacteria

In Africa, naturally fermented camel milk sold by farmers at local markets often contain disease-causing microorganisms. Now, researchers have isolated ânewâ strains of lactic acid bacteria the...


Food giants launch new deforestation pledge after missing 2020 objectives: ‘Our approach was not agile enough’

The Consumer Goods Forum has launched a fresh initiative to tackle deforestation in the food chain. FoodNavigator takes a look at this new effort â and asks why the CGFâs previous zero-deforest...


Sugarcane waste upcycled into plastic-free packaging: ‘Dispose SupraPulp the same way you would your salad’

Made from upcycled sugarcane waste, the âfully compostableâ offering can be used for greasy, wet, or hot food. FoodNavigator speaks to W-Cycle co-founder Joseph Siani to find out more.


Italy digs in on Nutri-Score: ‘Consumers currently have enough information about the nutritional value of food’

Italy has kicked its long-standing fight against the adoption of Nutri-Score nutritional labelling across the EU up a notch in a new ânon-paperâ that has secured the official backing of seven o...


From Ribena to Lucozade: How Suntory blends Japanese heritage and European roots in the UK & Ireland

Ribena-owner Lucozade Ribena Suntory has changed its name to Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I. The move seeks to bring the London-headquartered company closer to Japanese parent Suntory Global â but...


Decentralized production & enhanced biodiversity, bioavailability are key for a ‘perfect food system’

To create a âperfect food systemâ that can feed more people with fewer resources in the next 50 years, the food industry needs to turn 180-degrees away from long-considered âbest practices,â ...


Princes adopts blockchain as part of its 'proactive approach' to illegal labour in Italian agriculture

Princes is leveraging blockchain developments to improve traceability and communicate its sourcing story to customers and consumers. Starting with its Napolina brand â but with plans for a furth...


Vanilla and black pepper fraud: Researchers develop method to detect adulteration in food

Researchers in Denmark have developed a food fraud detection method for vanilla and black pepper, both of which can be adulterated for âhigh economic gainâ, DTUâs Amelia Sina Wilde tells FoodN...