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Chameleon Web Services

Why compromise on quality? Just pay less for it! We are a Midlands based bespoke internet company based in Birmingham and have been offering a wide variety of websites to various public sector individuals and commercial companies for the last few years. Why wait 6 months for the new printed Yellow Pages to advertise your latest service or product when with the Internet we can do it in hours. The Internet is far more immediate than any directory or weekly paper could be. With the Internet you can put as much, or as little, information as you want. If you sell another company's product's and they have a Web site, your Web pages can link to their site to give a comprehensive picture of the goods you sell. Whether you require a large web site for your business, you want to sell your products online, you want to advertise your product or events to a wider audience or you just require a small homepage, maybe you just want to display your wedding pictures on something other than Facebook or Myspace. Your holiday photos or a special project that you are working on and fancy showing it ot the world. We try to keep the sites pleasing on the eye and easy to use. If you want a flash site that looks smart but is not user friendly and takes ages to load then we can accomodate you. But in our experience it is much better to keep a web site clean. The plain simple site will get much more traffic and be much more user friendly. Take a look at the BBC, SKY, GOOGLE, EBAY, FACEBOOK. Simple and to the point Chameleon Web Services design and implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into all there websites from the start which will save you money and time. SEO normally costs more than the website itself, and takes much longer in man hours. Search Engine Optimization or Marketing is the best way to promote your business on the internet. Every single day several millions users search Google, Bing and Yahoo to locate business services and products. A website that is optimized properly will rank higher on search engines than one that has no SEO in mind. SEO will improve brand visibility for your business. Most of our clients are in the Birmingham area, but being internet based we are not restricted to any particular location geographic location. If you are in the Birmingham, Solihull, West Bromwich, Wolverhamptopn, Harborne, Coleshill, Dudley, Edgbaston area then it makes our life easier should you require us to visit you more frequently being as we are Birmingham based ourselves. We work from offices based in Bartley Green, Harborne and Hall Green. There are many Birmingham based Web Design Companys, but there are not many Birmingham based Web Design Companys that are like Chameleon. We named our company Chameleon due to the fact that Chameleons need to keep changing the appearance to survive, and in animal kingdom there are many species of animals that change colour and apperance, but not any as good as the Chameleon. Chameleons adapt to there surroundings and need to be adapting all the time to survive. The Credit crunch has meant that many Birmingham based firms have gone under, they have not survived and if at the right time they were able to adapt to the change and be ahead other Birmingham based firms, would they still be here today?. Odviously this is something that is not just localised to the Birmingham area, and this is something all companies are dealing with across the world. But due to the fact that we are based in Birmingham and the fact that we see Birmingham based companies closing so frequently around us, it makes us feel that we need to help in the Birmingham area as we have more of a connection. A local sweet shop in Studley known as Sweet Heaven, selling Old Fashioned Traditional Retro Sweets contacted us in January 2009, and explained they needed a revamp as they were only surviving week by week. We looked the sweet shop ecommerce online business and realised that this was going to be a tall order to get to the top of google in many sections that they were requesting. We looked at the online sweet shops and we thought the online sweet shop websites looked very unprofessional, but they are targeted to an different audience than we had been used to targeting for. The one thing we noticed was that online sweet shop websites are not very user friendly, so in our quote to Sweet Heaven we made it clear we wanted to make a site that look cleaner than the other sites, a site that was less busy and made you want to buy from it because it looked like a quality site. Hence the Sweet Heaven design and the fact that it looks nothing like any other Sweet Shop out there. We designed and built the site thinking of all aspects of users visiting the site. There are 2 search boxes on the front page, to make sure people can find what they require. The vast quantity of sweets and gifts that Sweet Heaven sell means that to get a low bounce rate would be a challenge. For those of you that do not understand bounce rates, this is where people land your site and then cant find what they want or get bored and jump to another site. A bounce rate of less than 30% we class as good, we suggest looking for the high bounce rate pages and trying to reduce them buy looking at the low bounce rate pages and learning why they cause people to continue though your site. Another free tip from Chameleon. The Sweet Shop went live in June as it took so long for the Sweet Heaven staff to be able to get all the sweets photographed and loading into the product database. So the challenge began to dominate the ecommerce Retro Sweet Shop Online Shopping area with Sweet Heaven. There were many online sweetshop with high google page rankings and some were 8 years old. Sweet Heaven was new and google do not like new sites, as the older a site the more trust they put into it. Look at the screen shots below showing Google Page One search results for the chosen keywords. We have been carrying out SEO for just over 3 months now and as you can see we have had great results as the site was written with SEO in mind from the start. This means that we hit the web running not walking. Chameleon turned this Birmingham based Retro Sweet Shop into an online success in 3 months. This is something that is not easy and has taken a lot of hard work. We have just taken over a the website contract for a Garden Design Landscape company called Grant Allen Garden Design Landscape. Grant Allen had no google visibility at all with a 2 year old site. This being our new project, we will update the information here in a few months. Get a free quotation today for a custom-built website designed by Chameleon Web Services. Chameleon Web Services one of the UK's growing website design companys with a design team who will project manage your website from start to finish and a professional aligned web consultant for every customer.

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Why compromise on quality? Just pay less for it! We are a Midlands based bespoke internet company based in Birmingham and have been offering a wide variety of websites to various public sector ...