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Crocus is the capital of Fiore and the city where the king lives. It is also the place where the Grand Magic Games take place. Crocus resides in a vast valley surrounded by rocky mountains of small-to-mid height, housing mostly mildly prominent hills, and has a small river not far from it, with some isles in its largest part, flowing in a similarly small gorge, which has woodland on both of its sides, occupying the western zone of the valley. In the central part of the town lies a large, round lake; in its center, linked to the surroundings by a pair of bridges, sits Mercurius, the King of Fiore's palace. On the mountains to the west, on a large, cylindrical stone formation, is the arena for the Great Magic Games, the Domus Flau, linked to the town by a long, curved bridge made of stone, possessing several towers.