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ounceofwentz's Journals on Buzznet

My parents met in August of 1989. They fell for each other, hard, but there were complications. They were both just teens. My mother was a senior in high school, and my dad had just graduated and enlisted in the U.S. Army. My parents had a rendezvous embrace before my dad had a chance to go to basic training, and almost 9 months later, I was born! Despite the fact that my mother was never able to finish high school, she has never regretted her decision to become a teenage mother. My parents were wed on January 18th, 1990. The year was 1990: rap had just begun to spring into action, synth pop and hair bands were at their worst and grunge started a revolutionary new chapter in the world of popular culture. I had no idea that I would even care about music at all, but fate does what it wants with us. After living two years with just me to take care of, my parents had another child, the best sister in the world, Kelli Rai. In 1994, my parents packed up their stuff and headed towards Kentucky, the state where my dad was stationed. We lived there happily for about a year or so until my father was transfered to Texas. We packed up and moved again. While in Texas, I met people that have changed the course of my life. Just to name a few: Brittany Gile, Joshua Smith, Jessica Allison, Nancy Allison, Miss Esqueda. I even got a new sibling out of the move: my awesome little brother, Jim Troy! The nights were hot, and the spirit of my youth roamed freely. After living there for a good 4 years, we were then stationed to somewhere unthinkable: Germany. I was depressed to leave at first, but my family found out that the Allison household, our closest family friends, would be stationed not far from where we were for the 3 years we were supposed to be set there. Just knowing that we would know someone there helped me greatly. Germany was the place where I really grew. Being exposed to such a wonderfully off-beat culture than the one that I had been used to up until then was such a shock. I like to think that it was a shock for the best, though. Some of the people that I'll always remember from there are Jake Purdy, Shabron Dorsey, Marina Ledesma and the dear town of Schweinfurt! I have had the best of memories there that I wouldn't dare trade for anything in the world! The good times have never stopped rolling while I was there. It was honestly like magic. I learned how to be magical, to be alive, in Germany. I owe a lot of my life to the years that I spent there. Once we lived out our days in Germany, we moved back to the United States and chose Alamosa, Colorado as our hometown. We've lived here for the last 6 years or so, and I have grown a bit tired of seeing the same old place, day after day. So, I have packed up and moved to Chicago. I figure that a change of pace is what is best for me; it's what I've known my whole life. I am a student at DePaul University as off Fall 2008. If you are ever in Chicago while I am here, hit me up and I'll totally set up dinner plans for us or something! I can promise to show you a fun time! You know you want to have dinner with a total stranger (not that I am; honestly, what you see is what you get). I am not too creepy, but I am neurotic a little bit. Buzznet has a wonderful way of weeding out the creepies. Anywho, the offer is out there for whenever; all you have to do is ask. In closing, I have developed a mindset of pure happiness and optimism. If you are ever down or need someone to talk to, I am just about always here. Drop me a note, shoot me a message, hit me up with a comment: I am a listener. Through and through, I want to make things more cheerful. Give me a chance, and I can make you smile like you never have before. :*)