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Nightlife Nightclubs, discos, restaurants and bars are located in all major cities and tourist resorts. In the capital, the Cinema Pasquino Vicolo della Paglia, Near Santa Maria in Trastevere, films in original version. The restaurants and cafes throughout Italy have tables outside. In Rome Massimo D'Azeglio is the most famous hotel-restaurant. There are outdoor concerts during the summer organized by the Opera and the Academy of Santa Cecilia, theater is outdoors in the bath Caracalla. Concert jazz, rock, folk and country are at different places in the city. Shopping Many Italian products are world famous for its style and quality. But it must be very careful because the Italians are known for their excellent counterfeit brands. The prices are generally not haggle, but you can get a discount if you buy a large quantity of items. Florence, Rome and Milan are known for its fashion boutiques, but in smaller cities is a great variety of stores and shopping centers. You should avoid the street vendors or sellers of beaches. Some plac es are well known for its typical products: Como (Lombardy) is famous for its silk, Prato (Tuscany) for its textiles, Empoli (Tuscany) for its green glass bottles, Deruta (Umbria) and Faenza (Emilia-Romagna ) for its ceramics, Carrara (Tuscany) for marble. Torre Annunziata (Campania) and Alghero (Sardinia) are coral craft centers, and in several places of Sardinia made business cards and letter papers made from cork. Cremona (Lombardy) is world famous for its handmade violins. Castelfidardo (Marche) factory is famous for its accordion, guitars and organs. Two young people concentrated more skilled artisans: Valenza (Piedmont), has many goldsmiths and Sulmona (Abruzzo) produces the best 'confetti', which are the kernels found in Italy and is distributed at weddings. Vietri sul Mare (Campania) is one of the most important centers of ceramic production and Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna) is famous for its mosaics. Major shopping centers are listed below: Rome: Offers a wide variety of stores and malls. High fashion stores of Via Condotti and Via Sistina offer a wide range of styles, colors and designs but at very high prices. Also expensive are the shops of Via Vittorio Veneto, which is also a street famous for its cafes. Ancient books and illustrations can be purchased at kiosks books Piazza Borghese. The street market in Rome is located in Trastevere and Porta Portese takes place on Sunday morning, you can buy all sorts of second hand and 'genuine antiques.