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Not Role play. Just me.

Experienced submissive (in REAL LIFE D/s not online-play) in her early 30s, using tumblr to connect with people and procrastinate. My blog illustrates the many things that go through my mind. You will see everything from BDSM kink to photos of food. There is no theme and I like it that way. ***Please keep in mind that I am not looking for a Dom and/or boyfriend! Tumblr is not a dating site for me!*** Disclaimer: None of these images are mine and are considered for general public viewing on the internet. If any of them are yours, let me know and they will be removed. Anything with the sbgsdaddy watermark belongs to my former Dom and anything with subbieblackgrl watermark is mine. Conversely, all text posts are written by me and depict my personal thoughts. If found used without my permission for profit or material gain, I will take legal action. Almost all photos are NSFW; 18 and older only, please. All encounters with my former Dom are factual and have taken place in real-life. Any erotica is from my imagination and noted as such. These works have been copyrighted and again, legal action will be taken if used for personal gain. Please also note that while I understand that D/s relationships can be comprised of male Doms, male subs, straight, gay, fem-Dommes and fem subs, I will be speaking as a heterosexual woman who serves a man. I do not keep my posts gender neutral as I write for what applies to me. In the same way that I am able to take relationship information that applies to me and leave the rest, please do the same if it does not apply to you. Click the “My Words” link for more. ***Please be respectful when speaking to me. If you’re not, you will get ignored. I’m not looking to be anyone’s sub, so please don’t ask. Not here for phone sex, skype encounters, cyber sex or to send nude pics. There are people who get paid to do that so find them! I will expose you for the pervert you are if you try to solicit any of that from me.*** If you want to talk privately, you can send me messages to the inbox or email me at subbieblackgrl@yahoo.com Self-pics are tagged: sbgpics BDSM posts are tagged: sbgbdsm Random thoughts are tagged: sbgmusings