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An initiative to launch 25 projects in 52 weeks


GitHub C.V.

GitHub C.V. is a simple AJAX script that dynamically generates a portfolio page of your public GitHub repositories. This was inspired by a conversation I had with Giff Constable about how pla...



’Tis that time of the year for giving presents. Keeping within the 25x52 spirit of design frugality and resourcefulness, La8el uses foraged, free design elements to create packaging labels th...



Di55ect offers a way to dig deeper into each project and extend the spirit of learning and community. Despite the fact that 25x52 projects are mostly designed to be short-lived MVP experiments,...


Jekyll Grid Theme

I needed a way to chronicle and showcase a growing list of projects for 25x52. Based on some quick research, Jekyll seemed like a good solution especially since my projects are hosted on Github. ...