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The CurvyJones

On December 21 2012 I had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy or VSG, a restrictive Weight Loss Surgery that limits the amount of food I can eat before I become full. This blog is a record of my trip to new, healthier me. My surgeon is Dr. Guillermo Alvarez with Endobaratric Bariatric Center of Excellence in Piedras Negras, MX, just over the TX/MX border. HW: 273.4SW: 250GW: 173.4 (100lbs down, single digit pants size)CW: 159.4 Total loss: 113lbsSize 22 to 6/8 pants, 22/24 to 8 jeans, 18/20 to 4/6 dress 2X to s/m tops and 40H to 34G band /cup size (I also lost a shoe size!)I hope you enjoy following me and my Sleeve “Jelly”, on our weight loss adventures! Feel free to send me a question, I will answer in private. I do not accept anonymous questions.

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