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Night Drops — A drawing a day for 1 year

November 26th, 2011 — November 25th, 2012 “What I’d like to remember of today?” This is the question I asked myself everyday for one year. The answer took that shape of a drawing that I’ve beed posting on Instagram @ailadi and other social networks, every night before going to bed—from here the project’s name Night drops. Each image is associated with the date of the day and a short caption. The result is a drawn daily journal. Its content is mainly about my daily life, what happens around in Shanghai and in the news. I have bad memory and this project worked out as a tool to make me recalling much more of my past days, weeks and months. I might forget what I’ve done yesterday but i always remember what I thought before or during the making of a drawing. I’m only interested in people engaged in a project of self-transformation—Susan Sontag. This project is to be intended as the first exercise of a series to follow. This year I wanted to test and train my methodology and constancy over time with a daily iteration task. The colour paper framework has been inspired by one exercise proposed by Josef Albers in Interaction of Color,1971. The drawings are realized with ink and acrylic on a 4x4 cm origami colored paper to be placed on a 14 x14 cm background paper with a matching color. See more projects on ailadi.com — The project has been presented at St.Regis, Bangkok on January 2012 with in a personal exhibition. The exhibition design is by Tommaso Maggio. The complete Night Drops collection has been exhibited at Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai, December 2012. SELECTED PRESS ► Read on-line the article by Susanna Legrenzi on URBAN, Issue 109 (Only in Italian) - http://issuu.com/urban1/docs/urban109?mode=window ► The post by Laura Perin on The Juicesqueezer / Lo Spremiagrumi - http://www.lifestyleandtravel.com/past_issue_article.asp?id=1631&issue=68 ► Read on-line the interview on the St. Regis event by Kreangsak Suwanpantakul on Lifestyle and Travel magazine, Thailand, Issue 48 ► Featured on Supercreativi.com, Italy ► Featured on design mind magazine - Passion Issue n16 - May 2012