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  +18 Is coming 2016 Suicide Squad - Comic-Con First Look [HD]        https://youtu.be/PLLQK9la6Go   The movie will be different from all the movies you've seen, this film will not superpowers. However, it stands out for its intelligence, wordy, strength, agility, immunity to any type of poison. He attended the games of Arkham saga; his first appearance in the comics was in 1999 in Batman: Harley Quinn; It has been mentioned several times in the Arrow series, making a brief cameo in the episode Suicide Squad; in one of the editions of HQ Injustice - God Among Us, Harley reveals having a daughter with the Joker, little Lucy, and that keeps away knowing that her father would kill her, which shows a godly and human side of the character .                                 the cast of these luxury characters says it all as I posted here on page two. out of so many heroes these are undoubtedly my favorite.              

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