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call me back i lost a flip-flop

shae. 26. i like wheels on my feet, badass ladies, improving my hair with bright colors, elephants, tea, television, tuneage, and telling stories. i’m a crazy queer (for clarification on either or both of those points feel free to ask, also they/lesbian). i do that nerd shit (right now mainly x-files, circle of magic, orphan black, marvel comics/mcu/tv, and sense8, but i love a lot and never really stop loving). i grow green things and make shiny jewelry. i’m an angry white intersectional activist to the very far left. mostly, i’m interested in failing to comprehend the grand and varied spectrum of humanity through theatre arts, writing, music, dance, and sharing my life with others. don’t come between me and my cat. she may be small, but, like me, she’s not afraid to cause maximum bodily harm when called for. actual real life girlfriends: kristen stewart, rihanna, gillian anderson, lena headey, evelyne brochu, annie clark, hayley atwell, samira wiley, crystal reed, demi lovato, kate mckinnon, danielle haim. we all have great relationships. though i be but little, i am Fierce.

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