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The Rulers of the Sky

~~~~This blog is devoted to any type of birds of prey (IE RAPTORS)! From eagles to hawks to owls to kestrels to vultures, or any others you can think of, just ask and I’ll do my best to supply pictures! My Ask is almost always open, so please ASK! ~~~~I find my pictures using Google Search, and I own none of them unless stated. I also accept submissions of pictures taken by anyone, as long as they credit who took it (you don’t have to give your name, just that you took it). I also will post art of raptors created by you or if the artist is credited. ~~~~The background, icon, and cover picture were found on using google. The background is a white tailed kite, the icon is unknown. ~~~~My name is Evelyn and I’m an aspiring falconer. Please feel free to ask questions or geek out or whatever in my ask.

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