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We are putting the tag #welovemishacollins out there and tomorrow May 31st will be We Love Misha Collins Day. So let’s put our twitters to good use and tweet the hell out of that tag. Let’s try to make it to the trending topics. We can put it in basically any tweet. Send beautiful 140 character-short messages to @mishacollins and even better, let’s say how much we love and appreciate him on Supernatural to the @cw_network. Also, don’t forget to fill tumblr with graphics, gifs, art and everything. We are also using the tag on tumblr so we will be reblogging from that tag to this blog for viewing purposes. Let’s make this memorable. Let’s make a stand and show people how much we love Misha. Let’s prove a point, let’s show people that this fandom also has good people in it. Please consider donating Random Acts through the Operation August Angels crowdrise page!  loving Misha You can also follow our twitter account @welovemisha for updates and retweets Run by: Tabby, Milly, Ellie and MelTwitter run by Jess Thanks to Ana for the header