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eTurboNews (eTN) - Original and unique global international news with a focus on travel and tourism

Since 2001 travel industry professionals, travelers, and those interested in global news have been turning to eTurboNews (eTN) for the latest in global news with a focus on travel and tourism. Published every two hours, eTN e-newsletters have a global subscriber base of over 235,000 travel industry subscribers. In addition 5.2 million consumers read eTN Articles are originaland contains reports written by a global team of contributing editors, writers, guest analysts and occasional correspondents, focused on events, company news, market trends, new air and cruise routes and services, political and legislative developments relevant to travel, transport and tourism, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and gourmet, and human rights. The content of the reports is editorially regulated according to news values, significance and accuracy, copyright protected, and independent of any advertising and sponsorship carried.