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Pan Trans Daddy Dom

NSFW 18+ Follow my FtM journey at http://judesftmjourney.wordpress.com or consider donating http://gfwd.at/1sZN9Jv or learn more about me at sweetsurrender.orgDISCLAIMER 1: The terms Daddy/Mommy, boy/girl, baby, etc. are intended to enhance the Daddy/Mommy baby girl/boy BDSM dynamic or the gay Daddy/boy, Bear/cub dynamics. All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure nothing underage is depicted or implied. All persons in the images/gifs reblogged herein are reasonably assumed to be of legal age 18+. This blog is strictly for fantasy expression.DISCLAIMER 2:I self-promo all reblogs and add captions to many, as well. These are just my imaginings and are fantasy (although anything I reblog is something I have done or want to do). No matter how harsh my captions may be any partner involved and all acts are consensual. If you are the content owner and do not want my caption or self-promo on your image simply send me a message with the link of the particular post. I have thousands of posts simply saying “take the promo off my post” won’t get either of us far. I’m happy to remove them, I’m advising clearly up front I self-promo, don’t get nasty about it. More flies with honey….I am currently single and looking for fun, but I’ve been burned far too many times by “love” to be interested in anything romantic anymore. I’m open to beautiful men and women who want to have kinky, nasty, perverted, sexy fun and D/s. If you’re interested then get to know me and start by sending me a message. HELP WANTED: Seeking tumblr assistant. Message me for more details