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> "Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when he > grows up.” > — Pablo Picasso  > Submitted by Meghan C. - Brooklyn, New York Sometimes we get our creative inspiration from reading long books, watching epic movies, or wandering in a museum for hours. Or it might just take a short quotation to inspire our curiosity and creativity. We jot quotes down in notebooks and on post-it notes; we carry them in our wallets, use them in wedding toasts, and share them with our friends. STUDIO 360 WANTS TO SHARE SOME YOUR FAVORITE QUOTES ON THE AIR. → STEP 1: RECORD YOURSELF. Set yourself up in a quiet room and record your voice using the Voice Memos app on your iPhone, the S Memo app on your Samsung, or any program you have on your phone, PC, or laptop. Tell us your name, where you listen to the show, and then read the short quote (be sure to tell us who said it). Listen back to what you’ve recorded and make sure it’s clear. → STEP 2: Upload the audio file (mp3 preferred). Send us your quotes [http://soundcloud.com/groups/spark-quotes/dropbox] Or email it to sparkquote360@gmail.com. → STEP 3: We’ll pick the best ones, set them to music, and feature them on the show and online throughout the year. Listen above for an example. We’re going fully digital on this one, so if you’re not technologically-inclined, ask your friends and family for help to share your inspiration with Studio 360 — and the world!