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Eating Disorder

MONDAYS AT 8:00PM ET Tune in to Eating Disorder - Mondays at 8pm on Heritage Radio Network. Each week Chef Paul Gerard, The Rev Spyro and Crazy Legs Conti will be taking shots and poking fun at some of the most bizarre, amusing and ridiculous trends to hit the culinary world, along with a revolving door of special guests. Twitter: @forkyouradio. Chef Paul Gerard Writer, rock & roller, and now renowned chef, Paul Gerard has been around the world fueled by love for good food and adventure. Paul got his start at 13 in Brooklyn working in restaurants as a busboy until his hair got too long and he was moved to the kitchen. Gerard’s desire to discover a life outside New York took him to New Orleans, where for 13 lucky years he honed his skills under some of the greats before moving on for a life on the road and finally returning to NYC to open up Exchange Alley in Manhattan’s East Village. The Rev Spyro The Rev Spyro started his media career at infamous Silicon Alley start-up Pseudo.com under the mentorship of media Svengali Joshua M. Harris. You can read about his exploits in the new book Totally Wired: The Wild Rise and Crazy Fall of the First Dotcom Dream. He has since worked at worked at entertainment media outlets such as; New Times Media, PAPER Magazine and also written articles for Flavorwire.com, 11211 Magazine and The NY Press. In his off time he plays bass for rock band Girl To Gorilla and his love for food is so deep he has a sacred heart crossed with a knife and fork tattooed over his stomach. Crazy Legs Conti Crazy Legs Conti has been a competitive eater with Major League Eating for 13 years and held jobs as a beverage manager of strip clubs, a short order cook, and a nude male model. He is a star of a documentary - Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating, a video game avatar and has been on "The Sopranos", "Letterman", and "The View" His favorite pasta shape is cavatelli.