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The Hope Crusher

I’ll try not to bore you here. It’s fair to say I’m a little obsessed with Dragon Age. I even joined a few sites that indulges my love for writing and fan art, which I often link to my chapters so that others can enjoy the pics that I love. Not exactly the greatest artist but it’s something I like to dabble in. Thinker of thoughts, weaver of dreams, Tinker, cookie dangler, friend. Likes to sing as if the world is listening; enjoys reading from an actual book; is good at many things that are mostly considered useless. I have a minor obsession with silly hats. Love all things Hello Kitty but do not call me a girlie girl! Writer of depressing poetry and lovely fan fiction. Curious enough to care who the VA are in the animes and games I love. A word of caution, my dashboard is occasionally considered NSFW! A very proud Bioware Whore! I am Integra Hawke and I wield the Hope Crusher!