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Girl Walk // All Day

This is the project blog of Girl Walk // All Day, a 77-minute dance music video of epic proportions, set to the tune of Girl Talk’s All Day. See the trailer: www.girlwalkallday.com The idea behind Girl Walk // All Day emerged from our desire to expand the boundaries around the idea of the traditional music video, which usually spans the length of a single track. This album-length piece will feature a talented group of dancers across a range of public and private spaces around New York City, turning the city’s sidewalks and obstacles into part of an evolving improvisational dance routine. The film is being released in serialized segments on Gothamist, and will be screened in the United States and abroad in 2012, as a series of live, venue-specific interactive screenings. Girl Walk // All Day has received recent press from Pitchfork, Wired, Fast Company, The Daily News, Huffington Post, Portable TV, The New York Times and The New York Times Magazine. It has been called “a joy bomb,” “insanely magical,” and a “passionate, powerful touching piece of art.” The film was named the “Most Innovative Music Video of 2011” by SPIN Magazine in December 2011.Request a screening in your area