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practically positive the whole world’s gone to shit! Major depressive disorder, recurrent; anxiety to the max; dermatillomania; and several other mentally interesting diagnoses. In love with and alive because of Zoloft, Topamax, Valium; my long-sought-for brilliant psychiatrist; and my BFFs [most of my heart lies in CA (LA & OAK) & NYC]. UK TV and film fanatic. Laydee-lovin’ queerbo. Sports loves: US Women’s National Soccer Team; National Women’s Soccer League; and the REAL USC Football, Women’s Soccer, and Women’s Basketball teams (i.e. GO COCKS!). A caring nuturer, in the spirit of my patron saint, Stuart Smalley. Politically difficult to label; closest to democratic socialist/Green Party. Intersectional feminism/womanism or bust. Key & Peele, Ron Funches, Tig Notaro, and cold weather IS MY JAM!