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WickedVegas 2.0

HEY STOP!!! READ 1ST!! If you are under 18 … Move along little one. I am sorry. But I will be here when you come of age and don’t need any of the things here messing with your mind more than life already does. NSFW either … You will get NOTHING done! Trust me, I know! I am blessed I do not have to work and can keep this tantalizing blog waiting for you when you punch out for the day! This is WickedVegas 2.0. Another blog to have started because Tumble limits how many sexy, fabulous posts a day. Truly not fair so this is my rebellion side coming out. Now I get to do 2x’s as much … Hopefully I can appease this insatiable appetite somehow and not have a 3rd … 4th … 5th … I know ridiculous. We are a very happily married couple in this wonderful lifestyle we live. You will find our fantasies coming to life. Fantasies that are on our bucket list. And fantasies yet to be discovered. We are a REAL couple with REAL feelings with REAL desires. Please respect that. We will not tolerate and form of disrespect. Which brings me to my cucky … We do not have the typical Cucktress/Cuck relationship. I am blessed to have an AMAZING husband who is the typical alpha male. Whom works very hard, can make million dollar decisions, can kick the living crap out of someone who needs it and the most talented lover I have ever had! I do not degrade him while I talk to him in the camera while I am being fucked. I will not allow anyone who is fucking me degrade him either. Instead tell him how good of a fuck his wife is. Or how well his wife sucks your cock. I am HIS gift to you we and want nothing but respect in return. Since we are apart most of the time, I video all extracurricular activities for him. I take pictures for him. And love to Skype while I play. Every time. All the time. No exceptions. No negotiating. I will NOT publish anything without your consent not that everything we digitize makes it to the blog. I am looking for playmates. I will require a line of communication which requires pictures, videos, and building a trusting relationship. I do not just fuck anything or anyone. I have everything I could ever want at home and will not lower my standards or take one for the team. There has to be physical attraction for good chemistry. This goes for men AND women!! I really would love to have a girlfriend to play with! And the best for last … I have married the love of my life. The best thing, besides our children, that has ever happened to me. He satisfies every single need I have. Physically. Emotionally. And he makes my soul soar! I love you my sweet, caring, respectful, amazing Husband and I will until my last breadth! If interested in playing and showering me with gifts, here is a “SPECIAL” wishlist of toys, games and clothes that I have assembled. Be as generous as you like and remember, I will be happy to entertain special requests and the rewards will be yours! http://www.amzn.com/w/1HIFXKX6OOWDE