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Lowy Institute for International Policy | The G20 Monitor

  What is the G20 Monitor   The G20 monitor is a quarterly publication of the G20 Studies Centre that aims to deliver policy solutions for the G20. The publication highlights policy developments in the G20, provides critical analysis of the current G20 agenda, and introduces new approaches to the forum’s structure and agenda. The monitor welcomes contributions from a range of experts in policy and academia. All monitor articles are the views of the authors and not necessarily that of the Studies Centre.  If you want to be recieve an email alert when the next G20 Monitor is released, create an account by clicking here and tick 'G20' as an area of interest.   Past editions of the G20 Monitor   October 2015 - G20 outreach to society in 2015 G20 engagement group representatives from Business (B20), Civil Society (C20), Labour (L20), Think Tanks (T20), Women (W20), and Youth (Y20) contributed to the 18th issue of the G20 Monitor. The representatives addressed how their groups contributed to the G20 process in 2015, what their priorities were for the G20, and what would constitute success in terms of possible outcomes from the Antalya Summit.   August 2015 - From Turkey to China: what lies ahead for the G20 in 2016? The 17th issue of the G20 Monitor examines the progress made by the 2015 Turkish G20 Presidency and explores potential priority areas for the 2016 Chinese Presidency.   April 2015 - Investment, inclusiveness, implementation and health governance The 16th issue of the G20 Monitor examines the three priority ‘i’s of the 2015 Turkish Presidency: inclusiveness, implementation, and investment. It explores the basis for the ‘i’s, assesses progress made on the priorities to date, and suggests policies the G20 can pursue for each priority. It also explores the prospects for further G20 attention on global health governance in light of the Ebola epidemic of 2014.   January 2015 - The G20 at the end of 2014 This issue of the G20 Monitor reflects on the state of the G20 at the end of 2014, and offers suggestions for the path forward during Turkey’s 2015 G20 Presidency.   October 2014 - The G20's growth agenda This issue of the G20 Monitor provides a guide to the policies that G20 members will have to tackle to achieve the G20’s 2 per cent growth target, drawing on the recommendations of the IMF, OECD and a number of international think tanks.   September 2014 - Reform of the international organisations, financial regulations, trade, accountability, and anti-corruption This issue of the G20 Monitor discusses the reform of international economic institutions, financial regulation, and the trade, accountability and anti-corruption agendas at the forthcoming Brisbane G20 Summit. It also provides a summary of the key ideas from the ‘G20 Conference: Strengthening Accountability and Effectiveness’ hosted by the Lowy Institute.   August 2014 - G20 2014: The G20 Brisbane Summit, inequality, energy and anti-corruption The 12th edition of the G20 monitor contains an overview from John Lipsky on the G20’s role in global governance after the global financial crisis; a paper by Geoff Weir on the G20, Thomas Piketty, and inequality; thoughts from Hugh Jorgensen and Christian Downie on multilateral energy governance; and a piece by Charles Sampford on integrity and anti-corruption.   June 2014 - Dealing with too-big-to-fail banks, corporate tax avoidance, and development This issue of the G20 Monitor addresses the ‘too big to fail’ dilemma of major financial institutions, combating tax evasion and avoidance through ‘base erosion and profit shifting’ (BEPS), and a report from the ‘G20 and Development’ conference hosted by the G20 Studies Centre and Griffith University.   May 2014 - Infrastructure, tax, energy This issue of the Monitor focuses on the role of the G20 in infrastructure, tax and energy governance. The Monitor opens with a reflection on a conference jointly hosted by the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Productivity Commission and the Lowy Institute, titled ‘Financial Flows and Infrastructure Financing’. There is also a note on trade.   March 2014 - Perspectives from business, civil society, labour, think tanks and youth G20 engagement partners from Business (B20), Civil Society (C20), Labour (L20), Think Tanks (T20) and Youth (Y20) have each provided a contribution for this issue of the Monitor. Each address how the groups are organising their contribution to the G20 process in 2014, their priorities for the G20, and thoughts on what would constitute ‘success’ in terms of possible outcomes from the Brisbane Summit. The Australian G20 Sherpa, Heather Smith, has provided an opening comment.   February 2014 - Policy ideas for the Brisbane G20 Summit: reflections on Think20 2014 This issue of the Monitor contains reflections on Think20 2014. The Think20 involves think tanks and academics from G20 countries, and aims to feed policy ideas into the G20 process. The Monitor contains papers covering the four policy areas discussed at Think20 2014: The G20’s economic and finance challenges, trade liberalisation, infrastructure and development. The papers are not a summary of the meeting nor do they reflect the agreed views of participants.   January 2014 - G20 outreach and non-G20 member views on the G20 This issue of the Monitor addresses the issue of G20 outreach and presents a collection of perspectives from non-G20 member countries on the role and performance of the G20. The contributors have been asked to identify where the G20 process can add value and how it can be improved.   October 2013 - Tax, infrastructure, anti-corruption, energy and the G20 This issue of the Monitor deals with infrastructure financing, combatting tax evasion and avoidance, fighting corruption and global energy governance. The question being explored in each area is ‘where can the G20 add value?'   July 2013 - Development and the G20 This issue of the G20 Monitor examines the topic of development and the G20.  In line with the coverage of G20 agenda items in previous issues of the Monitor, the focus is on where the G20 can add value.   July 2013 - Financial regulation and the G20 This issue of the Monitor examines financial regulation and the role of the G20. It is part of a series examining specific issues on the G20 agenda. The next Monitor will cover international development and the G20.   June 2013 - Trade and the G20 This issue of the Monitor examines international trade and the role of the G20. Over coming months the Monitor will cover in detail a number of issues that are, or should be on the G20 agenda. The next issue will deal with  financial regulation and the role of the G20.   Feburary 2013 - Rebutting some misconceptions The second issue of the Lowy Institute G20 Monitor contains a summary of recent G20 developments and four ‘rebuttal’ articles that counter ­common misconceptions about the forum.   December 2012 - Challenges facing the G20 in 2013 The first issue of the Lowy Institute G20 Monitor, which will regularly report on G20 developments and analyse issues, has been released. The first issue of the Monitor, which is produced by the G20 Studies Centre, canvases the challenges facing the G20 in 2013.