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We increasingly live our life online. Information is accumulated on a wide range of human activities, from science and facts, to personal content, opinions, and trends. Across the globe, people’s knowledge, experiences and interactions effortlessly find their way to online outlets, alongside traditional edited content, ready to be shared with millions. LiMoSINe will integrate the research activities of leading researchers across diverse topics with a view to enabling new kinds of language-based search technology. The LiMoSINe vision is to transition access to online information from a document-centric search paradigm focused on returning disconnected atomic pieces to a truly semantic aggregation paradigm. In this new paradigm, machines will understand a user’s intent, discover and organize facts, identify opinions, experiences and trends, all from inherently multilingual online sources and open knowledge repositories. LiMoSINe’s aggregation engines will automatically organize search results in semantically meaningful ways. LiMoSINe has the following objectives: To enable semantically structured access to multi-lingual online content; To integrate deep linguistic processing in information extraction; To support semantic mining where data-driven patterns are made human interpretable using the web of data; To develop evaluation methods for rigorously assessing the effectiveness of semantic search and semantic aggregation in a lab-based setting; To exploit its research results in three demanding multilingual use cases: (i) open-domain community question answering, (ii) online reputation management in a professional task-based setting, and (iii) intelligent content annotation and search on a photo-sharing platform. The components of LiMoSINe will be integrated through web services with solutions currently in place at the project’s use case owners.