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Falling Down..... 🐇| 💀| ~💜~ | 💀|🐇

Hey guys, my name is Hailey but I always go by nicknames like Moonlight, Moonie, or Salem. This is pretty much my personal tumblr blog where I post/reblog whatever I please. I am 20 years old and very glad to be part of the gothic subculture. What I normally post or reblog are usually things that do revolve around the gothic subculture, nature, so much music, and even funny things. Though do keep in mind…. I love cartoons and animation that include many retro, classic, or modern cartoons of today. I really would love to work in animation studios since I grew up with companies like Disney and Dreamworks. So yeah…. Don’t be surprised if I reblog a lot of cartoons (and sometimes anime) along with Marvel/DC comics, video games, since I’m very nerdy.XD. My artwork does revolve around the animation genre, but I do tend to practice macarbe/horror and fantasy drawings. Feel free to talk to me, though the only things that really do piss me off are emo/scene kids (the attention-seeking kind, not all of them), rabid fangirls/fanboys, beggers, art thieves, Social Justice Warriors, and other pests like that. But overall, I get along with others most of the time.:) My birthday is on 11/23/1994 if you guys wonder;).

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