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brittanylyn13's Journals on Buzznet

Brittany Lyn Cooper, open book for th next 15 minutes. This is a classic, cliche, ‘get to know me’ post. My name is Brittany Lyn Cooper. I love double first names, maybe because I have one, I dunno. I rarely get called by my name because I have a boatload of nicknames. Itty, Coop, Little One, Bitty Bat, Ghost, Bandit, Itsy Brittsy, Little Brittle, Blondie, Brittany Broken, any many, MANY more. I’m pretty much your average 15 year old. I am an actress by trade, and I am actually currently attending a school for the arts! I am a major music junkie. I have 212 bands on my MP3 player :) The first thing I do is turn on the stereo, and I usually fall asleep to one of my favourite bands. I pretty much spend my entire day singing, humming, or with headphones jammed in my ears. I listen to all types, from emo, screamo, hiphop, R&B, hardcore, counrty, punk, pop, rap, rock, heavy metal, classic rock, etc. I love writing. Poetry, short stories, the occasional shitty song. It’s how I relax and get the thoughts out of my head. I’m an animal activist. I dont eat meat or eggs, I do NOT wear fur, etc etc. I’m a very opinionated person, and I’ve been known to get very heated in debates:) Uhm, anything else you wanna know just ask, okay? The trumpets sound the thunder clouds as we dance in chocolate rain. Our boots and coats are splattered, but we forget our pain. Our hopes and dreams fill our eyes like our tears used to do. But the tears are far away now, it's just me and you. Umbrellas tossed aside in fits of outstanding joy The happiness this gives to me far beats any of my toys. Our mothers call us in to wash, the day is nearly done. And in my heart I know this is the end of all our fun. for I have seen the future, and it is very bleak. In a couple of years, we wont even speak. So today swears me to secrey for these memories I'll keep with me Until time do us part, Hide away these wounded hearts until the morning comes. You are darkness and moonlight and a sky full of stars. You're nocturnal, but not in a lonely way. You are the moment when an unbelievably good rock show goes into its third encore. Just when everyone starts to wonder if it's finally over, the band runs back on stage and starts another song. You are the time of night when everybody knows it's getting late, but nobody wants to go home. You are the smoke machines, still going strong, and the stage lights that make that smoke glow blue and red. You are the warm mass of people singing along in unison, the sweaty rockers, the guitar solo, and that split second when you could swear the lead singer looked in your direction.