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kahn on tumblr

30-something. Lady-person. Geek-girl. Gamer. Reader. Writer-type. Occasionally confuzzled by this whole tumblr-thing. IMPORTANT: I would like anyone who follows me to be comfortable with my multi-fandom/generally spastic reblogging, so if you need me to tag specific things for blacklisting purposes PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO TELL ME. Thanks! TAGS:#Writing things:My Fic (my fic on AO3) | Fic Recs | Useful References | Book Love | Author Love #Most Commonly Used Tags (not specifically related to fandoms):My Life | My Favorite Things | Funny Things | Sad Things | Things that are funny AND sad | Amazing things | Cute Things | More Cute Things | REALLY Cute Things | Fanart | Make-Up | THIS MOVIE | Food Love | cosplay | Music | Cats | Dogs | YES. | NO. | This Pairing Breaks My Heart | This Makes Me Smile | Science FTW! | pretty things | favorite people | YELLING | MORE YELLING | EVEN MORE YELLING | emotional sobbing in a melodramatic way | inarticulate with squee This is my #Social Justice Tag This is my #Feminist Tag And my #Other Feminist Tag and here’s a #Third one and a #Fourth This how I tag #Gifs | discussions of #Rape and #Rape Culture | violence | rants #Fandoms (and favorite characters in that fandom): The Avengers (Tony) | Brooklyn 99 | Castle (Castle) | DC (Bruce, Tim) & Marvel (Steve, Carol) in general | Disney (Mulan & Lilo) | Elementary (Joan) | Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot) | Gundam Wing (Wufei) | Harry Potter (Harry) | Hannibal (Will) | Hawaii 5-0 (Danny) | The Hobbit (Bilbo) | James Bond: Skyfall (Q) | Les Miserables (Javert) | Lord of the Rings (Boromir) | BBC’s Merlin (Merlin) | Muppets (Kermit) | Pacific Rim (Mako) | Pixar (Dug) | The Road to Eldorado (Tulio) | Sherlock Holmes [TV (John) & Movies (rdj!holmes)] | Sleepy Hollow (Abbie) | Star Trek (Kirk) | Star Wars (Luke) | Supernatural (Castiel) | Teen Wolf (Stiles) | X-Men: Movies (Charles) and generic tag (Storm) | Yu Yu Hakusho (Kurama) | and a handful of others because my interests are many and varied and I’m bad at editing down the list #Games: Dishonored | Zelda | Silent Hill(s) | Kingdom Hearts I & II | Final Fantasy VIII | Dragon Age I, II & III | Borderlands 2 | Batman: Arkham such and such | Mass Effect I, II and III | Fallout | Elder Scrolls: Skyrim | Assassin’s Creed | Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 | The Sims WARNINGS: NOT SPOILER FREE (I try to tag it, but sometimes I forget.), occasionally NSFW (again, I try to tag it but it’s not 100%), I am sometimes slow to answer messages. Not because I don’t like messages! But usually because I’m over-thinking the answer or I’ve spent too long thinking about the answer and something distracted me and now I don’t remember that I was supposed to reply or I worked out my answer in my head but didn’t actually send it but my brain doesn’t know the difference; sometimes because I’m 12 hours into a 24 hour marathon gaming session; sometimes I’m asleep at my computer (my chair is very comfortable); I STALK TAGS. If you reblog something and add tags I will read them.

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