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PinoyFilm.com - The Filipino Filmmaking Portal

 Welcome to PinoyFilm.com, your Filipino Filmmaking Portal!PinoyFilm.com aims to be the repository of Filipino films (and foreign films, as well) and a venue to discuss the merits of these creative works. In effect, one of its goals is to provide a marketing platform for these films – to help further popularize Philippine films. Globally, it aspires to be cyberspace’s one-stop shop for those who intend to get a taste of, experience, or even better, distribute Filipino movies in all their diversity. PinoyFilm.com is also an online interactive workshop, a place to talk shop about the art of filmmaking. And lastly, PinoyFilm.com is a venue for collaboration, a place to look for or meet like-minded persons who could help you realize your cinematic vision and goals. You may start by registering then reading the Posting Guidelines and Earning Guidelines. You may post in English and/or Filipino. To learn more about PinoyFilm.com please read the site's Mission Statement.Happy posting (and shooting everyone)! Mabuhay ang Pelikulang Pilipino!