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XES: Undue or immoderate indulgence

A visual “dissertation” on Satanism as a way of life and the underlying philosophy leading to that way of life: a philosophy that is grounded upon a rejection of deity worship within a faith-based religion and devotion instead to a materialistic existence based on a perverted reading of the Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest concept, accompanied by a view toward unin-hibited reveling in carnality. I refuse to meet the demands to repeat the tortured tales of witchcraft, human and animal sacrifices, characters such as Bluebeard alleged by Christian church leaders to have been worshippers of the Devil, the fake satanic practice of the drug-addicted quack and poseur Aleister Crowley, and a lot of other nonsense that has no relevance to the subject of true Satanism. This blog is a satanic companion defending a ritual to people who have been led to believe that Satanists sacrifice babies at the altar, mutilate and murder animals, turn their daughters into “breeders” and prostitutes, among other preposterous and unfounded accusations. It enrages me to think that this is all the public is ever exposed to in relation to Satanism. The time has come for Satanists to define what true Satanism is, uninterrupted by yellow journalists and broken-nosed talk show hosts. Instead of being dunked into a cold bath by strange, sexless man to be cleansed of “original sin” I celebrate man and nature as they really are. In this blog, if Satanists are supposed to wear black sabbath shirts and spit blood, we wear a suit and tie and present ourselves as poised, reasonable individualists. Expectations are thereby smashed. After scanning a few pages of this blog, many will feel it to be a softcore pornsite. This is understandable enough as considerable emphasis is placed deep down on the mundane and occult manipulation of men. What may look like porn is women, the voluptuous kind with ample breasts who, in defiance of the so-called “feminist” movement that produces non-feminine females, wears sexy dresses cut low at the chest and high at the thighs and spiked high-heeled shoes, and applies plenty of makeup and perfume to herself. But there is a good reason for this. Whether or not a witch needs any man other than the one she has currently chosen is relatively unimportant. What is important, however, lies in the fact that if a woman wants anything in life, she can obtain it easier through a man than another woman, despite woman liberationists’ bellows to the contrary. The truly “liberated” female is the compleat witch, who knows both how to use and enjoy men. Any bitter and disgruntled female can rally against men, burning up her creative and manipulative energy in the process. She will find the energies she expends in her quixotic cause would be put to more rewarding use, where she to profit by her womanliness by manipulating the men she holds in contempt, while enjoying the ones she finds stimulating. It’s pretty hard to lose, using such tactics. If she really prides herself on being a woman, she will take full advantage of her station. And the advantages are surely there, if she is bold enough to employ them! A worthwhile man can be your greatest ally, and even one that is a pompous ass can sometimes be your most productive quarry. Even a man who is virtually devoid of any attributes other than his overt lust for yourself. Herein you will find truth and fantasy. Each is necessary for the other to exist; but each must be recognized for what it is. What you see may not always please you; but you will see!