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Jeff's Men

I’m in my mid-fifties, I’m an experimental physicist who no longer does lab research, I’m an amateur musician. I’ve been writing and publishing dirty stories for all of this century. I like images of men–erotically, aesthetically, and narratively. I’ve been with my husband since 1992; we’ve been married since 2010. We live in the suburbs of Washington, DC, with our 3 greyhounds. Primarily, this a place to share the tens of thousands of photographs of men (largely bears) I’ve collected in the last decade+, but also a place to follow others whose tastes in men and aesthetics pique my interest–not to mention the occasional crush. I regret that the way these images have come to me over time means that most have lost their attributions, image credits, or model IDs. If you can provide any of that information, please do and I’ll update the captions. (Please: Include URLs.) Thanks! I welcome comments but I will delete without notice irrelevant, rude, psychotic, or incomprehensible comments, particularly those that I deem homophobic, unless they are amusing.