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The Land of the Odd

I am a fan of the weird and random. Be prepared for anything from academia rants to zoology facts. I like a wide variety of things. ——- Fan of Doctor Who, In the Flesh, Supernatural, Avengers, and psychology. I enjoy Hellsing, Azumanga Daioh, Princess Jellyfish, Hetelia, Labyrinth, Ouran High School Host Club and a lot of other really random stuff. —— I am a Christan Cis woman who is an Ally and am trying to understand and help others understand LBGTQA+. Personally I currently identify as probably heterosexual but more on the asexual end. ——–Anyone that needs someone to talk to please feel free to send me a message and please correct me if I’m wrong or misguided on stuff. It is how we learn after all.

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