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Meet Aitana López, the sultry Spanish influencer, 25, who ...es in up to $11,000 a month - and who is ENTIRELY AI-generated

Aitana López is a Spanish model and influencer with pink hair. She likes to game, and she loves working out. The big catch: She doesn't exist. Her creators aim to take people out of the equation...


Do you feel 'lost' when you leave your phone at home? You may have narcissistic personality traits, study finds

Researchers in Romania found narcissists tend to have an inflated sense of self importance, which can show up as a need for admiration - which can be gained through social media 'likes'.


Tech mogul Bryan Johnson's creepy 'baby face' photo leaves social media users unimpressed

Johnson, who has become famous for his $2 million-a-year anti-aging regimen, claims he has overcome the hurdle of living in a 46-year-old body. But his followers on social media are not convinced...


Hate tidying? Scientists develop a cleaning ROBOT that can pick up messy clothes strewn across the bedroom

Scientists from UC Berkeley have come to the rescue of teenagers and parents everywhere by designing a cleaning robot that uses AI to find the most efficient way to collect scattered laundry.


A sign from above? 'Unprecedented' cosmic ray sent from a mysterious 'invisible corridor' in deep space has struck Utah

The cosmic phenomenon carried the energy of 240 quintillion electron volts - that's 240 billion billion (followed by 18 zeros). It was detected in Utah in May 2021 and revealed today.


Remember the gory torture scene in Reservoir Dogs? Expert r...o manipulate our memories so we recall certain parts of movies

Filmmakers of Reservoir Dogs and Iron Man used specific music in scenes and trailers to manipulate people's memories. This is done by mismatching music with certain events movies.


EXCLUSIVE Inside Britain's 'Frankenstein' lab: MailOnline g...ehind-the-scenes to see how scientists can 3D-print BODY PARTS

EXCLUSIVE: MailOnline goes behind the scenes at the UK's very own Frankenstein lab where scientists are working on ways to 3D print organs from scratch in the hope of revolutionizing medicine.


The 2023 Leonid Meteor Shower peaks this evening with up to 10 shooting stars every hour - here's the best time to see it

The Leonids are one of the more prolific meteor showers of the year. They can be seen with the naked eye if conditions allow, although it is forecast to be fairly cloudy across Britain tonight.


NASA's James Webb discovers a bizarre 'fluffy' planet 212 light years away from Earth with clouds made from sand

WASP-107b is a Jupiter-sized exoplanet which possesses one of the more bizarre atmospheres ever discovered, according to researchers at the Institute of Astronomy, KU Leuven in Holland.


From vaping to boozing and even junk food - charts show how Britain REALLY fares vs the rest of the world

British women were this week shamed as the biggest binge drinkers in the developed world. But alcohol isn't the UK's only vice. Brits also among the biggest vapers and junk food addicts in the wo...