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Astronomers shocked as train of 19 SpaceX satellites obstruct telescopes at observatory in Chile

Astronomers at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile saw nearly 20 satellites operated as part of SpaceX's Starlink program stream across the sky, and disrupt their final images.


Uber set to test audio-recording feature that lets both riders and drivers share audio from rides

Uber wants to start listening in on your rides with a new feature that lets drivers and customers audio-record trips in a bid to find out what really happened when a ride takes a turn for the wor...


Bad grammar, typos and language errors make prospective partners seem less attractive, study shows 

The study found that errors such as writing 'teh' instead of 'the' and putting capital letters in the wrong place suggested a lack of attention to detail, which would in turn make people seem le...


Researchers teach autonomous car how to safely avoid 'selfish' motorists by using social psychology

Unlike other mechanical self-driving algorithms, the system from MIT's Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, uses social psychology to classify drivers as selfish or selfless.


Hidden code reveals Samsung working on camera modes like 'Director's View' and 'Night Hyperlapse'

'Director's View' lets users cycle between different lenses on their phones and also allows them to 'lock on' to a subjects that they're recording, keeping them in focus according to snippets of ...


Twitter details new policy banning political advertising that also limits ads pertaining to 'issues'

According to the company, it will define political content to include any ad that references a candidate, political party, government official, ballot measure, or legislative or judicial outcome.


Long-dead singer Roy Orbison is spotted on Capitol Hill by Amazon's facial recognition software

Activists used Amazon's facial recognition to scan faces around Capitol Hill in Washington DC to show the dangers of its surveillance capabilities. It spotted a congressman and the late Roy Orbis...


Apple launches its health research app on the iPhone that lets users participate in medical studies

People who download the research app would be able to enroll in studies including Apple Women's Health Study, Apple Heart and Movement Study and Apple Hearing Study, the company said in a study.


US law student takes Facebook to court for 'censoring' name of alleged Ukrainian Trump whistleblower

The posts, by Connecticut, U.S, law student Cameron Atkinson, were purposefully intended to test Facebook's censorship of the whistleblower's identity. Named by conservative news outlets.


Deepfake video of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn endorsing each other for Prime Minister released

Future Advocacy released the bizarre videos to show the dangers surrounding online disinformation.This is the first time deepfakes of political candidates have been released during a live electio...


Mysterious 300-million-year-old 'Tully monster' may not be the creature scientists thought it was

A 2016 discovery that the Tullimonstrum had a stiffened rod of cartilage saw Tully classified as a predatory vertebrate - now University College Cork researchers believe the grouping was wrong.


Scientists claim the world's catchiest songs contain the perfect balance of uncertainty and surprise

Scientists at Max Planck Institute in Germany have learned that a 'good balance' between knowing what to expect and being charmed by the unexpected is what makes classic hits so irresistible.


Scientists claim you'd need 93 plants per square foot to meaningfully improve indoor air quality

Professor Waring and colleagues found instead that ventilation systems - or even opening a window - reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) much quicker than plants can extract them from the air...


Scientists declare climate EMERGENCY and claim failure to act will lead to 'untold human suffering'

The paper declared a climate emergency before providing a set of effective actions humans could take to limit the damage caused. It was written by professor William J. Ripple at Oregon State Uni...