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Tim Cook surprises fans at reopening of flagship Apple store in New York and iPhone 11 release

Some New Yorker's didn't just get their hands on a new iPhone 11 today, they also got a glimpse of Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, who made a surprise visit at the re-opening of the Apple Fifth Avenue sto...


Report: shared workspace company WeWork leaks customers' bank credentials and more via insecure WiFi

An investigation highlights how improperly secured WiFi networks offered at the company's brand of flexible office properties have put sensitive data of customers and businesses at risk.


Highland warrior found alongside five decapitated skulls in a mystery grave gets his face recreated

Grisly 15th century grave in the Scottish Highlands (right) containing two skeletons but six skulls is finally revealing its secrets as archaeologists have reconstructed the face of one of the sk...


The pink sea urchin has self-sharpening teeth that break bits of regularly to stay razor sharp

In the same way in which cutting a knife will sharpen the blade, the teeth of pink sea urchins are purposefully designed to slightly erode and give it a more jagged point, said Illinois-based bio...


Mercedes-Benz redesigns century-old hot rod: Concept images reveal futuristic Vision Simplex

Mercedes-Benz is paying homage to its 1902 hot rod with a modern-day twist. Called Vision Simplex, this electric car sports a rose gold frame and a 3D display board that flashes messages and anim...


Searching just got even easier: Google may soon let you look up specific items using a screenshot

Searching may just get easier with Google's "Smart Screenshot" feature set to be released in its 10.61 app. The filter uses Lens to find similar items on the web just by scanning the screenshot.


Hawaiian observatory captures first look at our solar system's second-known interstellar visitor

The Gemini Observatory in Hawaii released the snapshot which was grabbed using the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph located on Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano and the highest point in the state.


'Ringing' black hole that emitted gravitational waves adds supports Einstein's theory of relativity

An analysis of gravitational waves from the first black hole merger ever detected has recorded tones which the researchers described as 'ringing' predicted by Einstein's theory of general relativ...


Let the Apple fervor begin: pre-orders now open for the company's newest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

Among Apple's new devices are a base model, dubbed the iPhone 11, which will sell for $699 and a premium version, called the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max that will start at $999 and $1099 respective...


Get ready for the 'slofie': Apple coins term after introducing slow motion selfies with iPhone 11

During the presentation at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple revealed the iPhone 11 will for the first time bring slow-motion video capability to the front-facing camera. It also coined a new term: '...