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nerdy queen

I use tumblr mainly for my own entertainment, to collect stuff I like. I am a ravenclaw and my patronus is a fully grown pygmy hippo. I like to pretend that I am an adult and the world outside the internet seems to believe me. I am obviously a nerd, and proud of it. Main interests: books, beautiful libraries, good tea, science and knowledge, vlogbrothers, harry potter, lord of the rings, birdwatching, languages, calligraphy, feminism, french cheese… also from time to time I reblog sexy gifs featuring severus snape, bbc sherlock, hermione granger, matthew crawley or other fictional characters I might or might not have crush on. Also… Benedict Cumberbatch!!! Please don’t be offended if I don’t follow back. I follow very few blogs, because I am bad at timekeeping. And I feel obligated to scroll down my dash till I have seen everything. So by princple I don’t follow blogs that post a lot, unless I have talked to the people who run them. And even in that case I might have blacklisted half of their content. Just because of timekeeping. Sorry.