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Hi, I’m just here to look at art, fart around and art. About me: I work full time in the games industry as a UI/UX artist, though I double over in concept design and 2D animation. I am also part of a small artist collective called Four the Win. In my free time I like to world build and play games. I also dabble in cosplay on occaision. Tip Jar Tags: SAR Art tag Commission Info - Status: CLOSED Trades: OPEN Personal project art tags: Earth-3 Neriad Nebula Sky Tian Di (天地) Tradewinds RP blogs: Firanul Sunstorm - Kil'Jaeden (WoW) Jacinthe, The Red Blade - Kil'Jaeden (WoW) Korenthes Sunstorm - Kil'Jaeden (WoW) Abragos Talendar & Phaendar Geistblade Shinju Tsukiyo - Balmung (FFXIV) Other RP Characters: Dalelife (Isafel) - Kil'Jaeden (WoW) Abesh - SWTOR So many… ask me! My other Tumblr blogs.. SAR-READS-STUFF SAR COSPLOL