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Welcome to Kink~E Magazine! This is a place where we celebrate our Alternative Lifestyle living and seek and share information.  We bring to you monthly articles and interviews featuring people in the Adult World Industry, Fetish Living, Mentors, Models and every day people that live their lives as they see fit. Being KinkE is a state of Mind and a way to live! Stay connected with your number one New York City Adult Fetish and Alternative Lifestyle Magazine.  Advertise with us and request our 2015 packet! Contact advertising@kinkemagazine.com Become a KinkEMagazine member! Subscribe here Need help? Let one of our #KinkE Team Members help you! Visit our Contact Us page! FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS! [http://www.instagram.com/marabelleblue] [http://www.facebook.com/kinkemagazine] [http://www.twitter.com/kinkemagazine] [http://www.pinterest.com/marabelleblue/]   I AM PLEASED  TO ANNOUNCED I HAVE BEEN ASKED TO SPEAK AT THE ADULT WEBCAM CONFERENCE IN LAS VEGAS, NV PLEASE CLICK ON BANNER FOR MORE DETAILS AND BE SURE TO SIGN UP AND ATTEND THIS FANTASTIC EVENT! SEE THEIR AD ON THE RIGHT FOR THE ADULT WEBCAM AWARDS! [http://adultwebcamconference.com/2015/07/01/ms-marabelle-blue-editor-in-chief-of-kinke-magazine-to-speak-at-the-adult-webcam-conference/] Never miss a show and show updates! Vist www.kemtoptalk.com [http://www.kemtoptalk.com/]   [http://www.kemtoptalk.com/]  While we don't charge for membership - we ask members to donate $5 to keep our publicaton going. Thanks! :-)