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Jokowi begins the fight against lame duck status in Indonesia’s G20 year

Author: Editorial Board, ANU Ahead of the Rome G20 Summit in October 2021, the G20 looked like it was in danger of losing the plot. What a relief, then, to see Indonesia bring the G20 back to its...


Japan needs to navigate a pathway between the United States and China

Author: Editorial Board, ANU Japan’s Fast Retailing CEO Tadashi Yanai, who runs the Uniqlo clothing chain, declared that his company wouldn’t be choosing between the United States and China i...


Spinning South Korean cultural industry for soft power and nation branding

Author: Cedarbough T Saeji, Pusan National University It has been 10 years since Psy’s Gangnam Style catapulted to worldwide popularity. This watershed moment has been followed by many more pre...