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Best of gay tumblr

There are a lot of gay porn blogs here on tumblr, which makes us all very happy! What makes this one different? Rather than reblogging all my posts from the dashboard, I diligently search through the archives of the thousands of tumblrs I follow, seeking out the best posts out there - so hopefully my posts will be a little different, and maybe give some hot posts of yesterday a second run. And speaking of great posts of yesterday… check out my archive of well over 50,000 posts. Maybe just give that ‘Random’ button a spin and see what you can find! This blog features the wide spectrum of men that I find attractive - though you will probably notice a distinct fondness for cowboys, selfies, shower scenes, and 'daddy/son’ or 'bro’ encounters. Feedback is always welcome - please contact me if you have any comments on my posts, any questions for me, or if you just want to chat. I always appreciate hearing from my followers. And I’ll take hot submissions too of course! NSFW, 18+ONLY, *WARNING*, some content may offend, all models are assumed to be 18+, I claim no rights to any pictures or videos posted. if you own it and want it deleted, just let me know.