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Jess | ♀ | 18 | 3/26 | Chinese-CamboDian | USA | Anime/Manga | not spoiler-free! | Semi-Hiatus | Hi, welcome! :D SiDe Blogs Sister ♦️Louis to my Harry♦️

trafalgar-dlaw.tumblr.com trafalgar-dlaw.tumblr.com/rss

0 Furry, Yaoi, Yuri AnD Funny Stuff :3

my name is joey im 18 anD this a ramDon furry blog anD Anime too :3 i like RP*ing with ppl anD you can ask anything cuz ill like to meet new ppl anD stuff :D i Do not own any ...

darkwolffy.tumblr.com darkwolffy.tumblr.com/rss

0 Hi There :3

Soy Shionker o Shionshion, ^^ soy De chilesito :D Soy alguien cualquiera que gusta De comiDa, Anime, manga, juegos y pasarla bien con sus amigos. Mis Animes favoritos o por lo...

ara-ara-ojousama.tumblr.com ara-ara-ojousama.tumblr.com/rss

0 Hi :3

SasuHina, Steven Universe, Kuroko no Basuke, Slam Dunk, One punch Man, Anime, manga, cosplay, art from my Deviantart page, anD a bunch of other stuff :D Please check out my ma...

love-rocz.tumblr.com love-rocz.tumblr.com/rss

0 Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst

hello :3 my name is coty anD i live in ontario canaDa :D this is my personal blog, it will basically consist of reptiles, Anime, anD whatever else i feel like :P come say hell...

herps-and-derps.tumblr.com herps-and-derps.tumblr.com/rss

0 Mister ED's Blog Of MysterE...D

Just my personal blog for ranDom things. ~ I am 27 | Male | Pansexual ~ Stuff you will see from me -Anime -ViDeo Games -Furry stuff -AnD anything else that I like :3 Feel free...

mistered03.tumblr.com mistered03.tumblr.com/rss

0 We Are MaDe Of Star Stuff

Hey, i am Eva :3 I really love Anime anD viDeogames :D

evaa-nyan.tumblr.com evaa-nyan.tumblr.com/rss

0 Miu Takizawa's WorlD

17 | HI! Nice to meet you. ;p I love Anime, ViDeo Games, Comics, FooD, anD Art so…. Talk to me sometime. B) PSN - MystiqMiu Kik - Miu27 I am an inDie viDeo game Developer. ~...

mystiqdreamer.tumblr.com mystiqdreamer.tumblr.com/rss

0 Falling Like Autumn Leaves.

Hello Everyone! My name is Dylan :D I am a 21 year olD male anD I like to write poems, share YouTube viDeos that I like, anD even some pics that I feel shoulD be loveD by more...

kaiosu.tumblr.com kaiosu.tumblr.com/rss

0 Http://xspleepyheaD.tumblr.com/

Hi ! :D I’m Ximena/mexican/16 I love to Draw, reaD, Anime, ponies, chocolate anD this face :3 🐏💗🐏enjoy my sh**ty blog🐏💗🐏

xspleepyhead.tumblr.com xspleepyhead.tumblr.com/rss

0 Talk AkaKuro To Me :3

Italian girl, 19, Taurus, Writer, Volleyball player (Setter), Manga/Anime aDDicteD, MultifanDom blog, AkaKuro :P Currents obsessions: Kuroko no basuke, FMA BrotherhooD, Ono Ke...

primvera.tumblr.com primvera.tumblr.com/rss

0 Roll For Initiative!

Hi, I’m Dan, welcome to my blog! I’m gonna go out on a limb anD say that you’re probably here because you like something that I like… Anime&Manga (lots of JoJo!), D&D ...

guilestheme.tumblr.com guilestheme.tumblr.com/rss