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80 Lvl hot babes ;-)

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0 Put The Lime In The Coconut And Stay The Fuck Away

“It’s nice to know that I’m far more resilient than I thought I was, and that I can handle a lot of shit. What’s not nice is that I never had a choice about learning t...

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0 We'll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It

Rem Space Queer Lvl 27 INTJ ♀ BA in Lit Probably like 50% Dragon Age, 80% Mass Effect, 30% space porn, 10% hipster, and 200% nerd. I do art sometimes, but it’s more likely...

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0 キノー犬

Kinokashi ~ The Queen Rathian - Monster Hunter since 2004 - Current Monster Hunter Stats (Frontier) MHFO Kino-Inu HR999 GR300+ 片手剣⑥ 双剣⑦ 大検⑫ GSR 200+...

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0 Let's All Go Be Big Damn Heroes

This is my blog for all things Guild Wars 2. My account name is TheKillingJoke.9386 on the Tarnished Coast and Im a new RPer, so if you ever want to ask in character just go f...

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