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6 Violent Anime

Japanese Animation where girls get extreme forced sex, violation, sodomy, torture, bondage, humiliation and more...

violentanime...lt-blogspot.com violentanime.adult-blogspot.com/rss.php

0 I'm Nobody

I’m not an Adult. Here’s a poorly formatted list of some things I like: Marvel: various universes Anime|\/|Animation TV shows & Movies Robots/Mecha Astronomy Music - play & l...

s-aulder.tumblr.com s-aulder.tumblr.com/rss

0 EclipseMeteor

I’m a young conflicted Adult who likes Magic, Pokemon, Anime, Drawing, Animation, Video games, fantasy genres and books. Lots of interests, so I kinda spread my interests ev...

eclipsemeteor.tumblr.com eclipsemeteor.tumblr.com/rss