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12 Beyond The Gilded Age

Dedicated to an era long gone featuring architectural photographs of houses, hotels, Apartment and office Buildings, civic institutions and more...many of which are no longer ...

www.beyondthegildedage.com www.beyondthegilded.../posts/default?alt=rss

0 Everything Dies: Soundtrack For High-Rise Luxury Apartm...

Feed for Everything Dies’s “Soundtrack For High-Rise Luxury Apartment Buildings

everythingdies.bandcamp.com everythingdies.band...ry-apartment-buildings

0 The Forum For NYC Apartment Buildings

Sometimes I wonder if Buildings, at least the older ones here, have souls. Do they talk to each other about the people (us) who live in them? Do they commiserate? E.g.; “Oh ...

newyorkshitty.tumblr.com newyorkshitty.tumblr.com/rss