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Sup. Just a 18 year old guy from North London who loves funny stuff, manga, comics, video games, Science, Supernatural, Pulp Fiction, Bad Religion, Ava’s Demon and the Creat...

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0 Babbling Animal

Hello, I am an Aromantic Asexual Agender Atheist PRO CHOICE red-green/rainbow-loving Punk Vegan from Northern Germany. First of all: - DISCLAIMER - Regarding the posted pics: ...

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0 Show Me The Stars

Christian. That’s my name, not my Religion. DIstrict 1. Ravenclaw. 22. Married. Florida. I love so many things: doctor who supernatural neil degrasse tyson Science breaking ...

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0 Introduction To Chaotic Blogging

Massimiliano: 24, nerd, serial addicted, and whatever. Previously known as senselessreprise.Warning: I post and reblog A LOT of Community and Doctor Who stuff, so deal with it...

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0 The Lonesome L.A. Cowboy

I’m the Lonesome L.A. Cowboy. It’s pretty easy to get to know me but I guess I have to warn ya right up front: “I’m a walking contradiction, partly truth, partly ficti...

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