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0 ChasIng Memories

22, Female GreetIngs from Norway! You are welcome to hang around. This blog is my personal reference and will feature anythIng I feel like rebloggIng or (might even) post myse...

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0 Smile To The World

Hoi, ik ben Sonja, 18 jaar. Heb het gymnasium afgerond en ga nu de opleidIng ‘Biomedische Wetenschappen’ doen. Mijn Interesses/hobby’s zijn: Lezen, taart bakken, cupcake...

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0 Not Exactly Blockbusters

Hey, I’m Sena and I just happen to love b-grade movies! And sInce a surprisIng amount of my followers on my personal blog enjoy my posts about the terrible monster movies I ...

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0 Ancora Imparo

Ellen Elizabeth of WIndy Hill Twenty-three and wild and free. A vIntage soul with a love of nature, prayer, hot tea, Spirit, forests, sexIness, dancIng, pretty dresses, castle...

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