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2 Comments On: Call Of Duty. Jury Duty.

Living in LA, questioning everything about my life. Actress, writer, artist, Stuff..

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0 Gummy Bears

Numbuh 424 Of Sector PH reporting for Duty, sir! … I swear I’m not a nerd. Hey. Call me Allen or Elle. I like things. Those things are mainly Kids Next Door, Big Hero 6, a...

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0 Again With The Screwing Of The Doctor

yo, I’m Naya and my hobbies include drawing, writing, RPing, and crying over fictional characters. my main fandoms right now are Hetalia and Call Of Duty: Zombies, but I pos...

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0 Things I'm In Lesbians With...

these are the things that i am in actual, proper, dangerous lesbians with… hopefully you got the scott pilgrim reference there. this is for exclusively Stuff i love, so i gu...

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