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4 - - Fotopages.com

first of all welcome to my fotopage and thank you for visiting me. My name is Maryam, 26. a Computer engineer! well I do not call myself a photographer, I just like photograph...

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1 Harry Potter » Computer Games


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0 Barbara's Quilts & More

Here I am a mother who is old enough to be have 7 grown up children, 2 grandchildren, who is basically Computer ignorant and I have learned about BLOGGING! How fun, I sure hop...

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0 Our Life By Eric And Flynn

Hi to all you kitties out there. We are two ginger and white kitties and we were born on a farm in Devon England on April 8th. 2000.A while back when our mum was on the comput...

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0 Rekall

“Don’t aim to be civilized. Don’t Hope that straight people will keep you on as some kind of pet. To hell with them; they put you here. You should fully realize what soc...

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Lauren/22/female I really love drawing. A lot. I Hope to become a comic artist one day, but in the meantime I draw a lot of fanart.You’ll see Steven Universe, InuYasha, Dann...

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0 Living With Chronic Pain And Depression

This is a blog I will be using to help me deal with major depression caused by chronic pain. In doing so it is my Hope that this blog may help others who are in similar circum...

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0 Is There Ever Enough Time To Quilt?

Ever have that feeling that you've got so much going on in your life, that you aren't QUILTING anymore??? And as much as I Hope you enjoy my adventures when I'm not quilting, ...

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0 The Blog Of A Rooster Teeth Fan!

Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. Tayub Sultan. 16 years old. Glasgow, Scotland. I’m an animator and all round Computer nerd, except from programming, yeuch… Love my music t...

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I Hope to share my digital work with new found friends. I do Computer crafting and enjoy sharing freebies. I Hope that you will snag my freebies as I list them.

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0 Hope To Happiness

Hi! I’m a developer/entrepreneur from New Jersey, working on my own startup called StartupThreads. A Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Alumni (2008), I’ve built a few other...

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0 The Titan Photographer

I am a Graduate from Trumbull Career and Technical Center, I am a photographer and a Computer Animator. I own a few Ball Jointed Dolls, a Mystic kids Lawerence (William) and a...

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0 StatisticalAnomaly

My Flarpugee Ask/RP blog for Petstuck!Vantas family: http://ittybittypawfeet.tumblr.com/ Your name is BEEKILLER-JOHANNA. It is currently LATE NIGHT, and you are stuck in front...

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0 Disney Land Acid Trip

Dear Tumblr Enthusiasts… Be forewarned, this person contains more overwhelming awesomeness per inch than any reasonable individual should be allowed to bear. It is not too l...

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Hi! I’m Keri and this is just my second blog i Hope you like it!! SUBMISSIONS ARE ACCEPTED SO FEEL FREE TO SEND IN SOMETHING!! *this is asked a lot to submit if you are on t...

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0 The Dream That Ends With The Unknown

Hey, I’m Donte, nickname Leon, and I am 25 years old and majoring in Computer Science. I am a guy who write poems, watch anime, and play video games. I am a very very shy pe...

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0 Soffia's Otome Obsession

Icon drawn by Deiyanoko, my sweet Deiya-san. The icon in my background was drawn by the also lovely KaiSuki. Thank you both so much~ Hello there. Welcome to my blog! My name i...

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