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6 Deconstructing The NUI

The next evolution of Computer Interfaces is the Natural User Interface. I analyze and discuss the NUI, multi-touch devices, and gestural Interfaces.

nui.joshland.org nui.joshland.org/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

0 Gem Tos: Green Computer Interface (DATA008)

Feed for Gem Tos’s “Green Computer Interface (DATA008)”

dataairlines.bandcamp.com gemtos.bandcamp.com...uter-interface-data008


dataairlines.bandcamp.com dataairlines.bandca...uter-interface-data008


brain-comput...face.meetup.com brain-computer-inte...m/events/upcoming/rss/

-1 Comments On: Brain-Computer Interface

Stroke Rehabilitation Therapies

www.researchandhope.com researchandhope.com...mputer-interface/feed/