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0 Life Of A Failed Slacker

Sal’s personal Blog. Dog sport stuff at 4k9jocks. AFaB NB. white. 30ish. birom ace. code monkey. Hobbies include: Dog Sports, Canadian football, brackish aquaria, gardening,...

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This Blog is primarily a journal for photography of my animals, my Dogs and their Sports and training progress, and random animal blurbs. Blessing’s Red Lance (NACSW) “Lan...

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0 How I Met Your Mother - Lawyered

How I Met Your Mother . . My other Blog. Follow, I follow back :) http://jacobreprise.tumblr.com/ Twitter: @jacobreprise THE BRO CODE: 1) Bros before hoes. The bond between tw...

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-1 Comments On: A Dog Blog For Active Dogs

One of the best Dog Blogs for active Dogs, Dog Sports, training, behavior, & products.

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