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0 Turn Me On With Your Electric Feel.

Optimism is key. My name is Nicole and I Love Taylor Swift and the Song Trap Queen. I’m in Love with a girl who knows me better.

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0 ❺ⓔⓂⓔⓃ ❺ⓅⓔⓇⓜ❺

SeMeNPeRmS.com SeMeN SPeRmS ¡sɯɹǝds ,uıʞɔnɟɹǝɥʇoɯ uǝɯǝs$=666, 12", 13, 2 Live Crew, 45’s, 50 Cent Toy Machines, 60’s Biker Soundtracks, 60’s Biker Cultur...

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0 Secretly Geek

Frozen. Elsanna. Original Music. ——————————————— Extroverted singer, Song-writer, actress, and obsessor of musical theatre. Wish your life was a ...

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0 Team Samcedes

——-TEAM SAMCEDES——— PROM QUEEN “Mercedes? I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful. Would you like to dance?” “I’d Love to.” NEW YORK “Mercedes:...

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0 Reading 33 1/3

Hi! I am reading my way through Continuum’s 33 1/3 series, making notes on each book here. My music blog is Handsome Young Stranger, my name’s Lisa Ann Cassidy, and I live...

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