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53 Power Management

In-depth technical information, product advancements, and industry news for engineers responsible for Designing, specifying, or selecting power sources for Electronics applica...

www.edn.com www.edn.com/rss/design/power-management

25 Tech Design Forum

Technical information for Electronics Design

www.techdesignforums.com www.techdesignforums.com/feed/

21 Open Electronics

Open source electronic projects

www.open-electronics.org www.open-electronic.../tag/open-design/feed/

21 Open Electronics

Open source electronic projects

www.open-electronics.org www.open-electronics.org/tag/design/feed/

20 Xonay Labs | Michael Teeuw

I build stuff. Virtual and physical. For both business and pleasure. Join me in my development, Design and Electronics journey.

michaelteeuw.nl michaelteeuw.nl/rss

17 Medical

This site is especially for the savvy biomedical Electronics Design engineer who wants to be at the forefront of medical technology advancements from sensors to signal conditi...

www.edn.com www.edn.com/rss/design/medical

17 Consumer

A resources site and community for engineers involved in the Design and development of consumer home or mobile Electronics hardware and software.  Find Design tips, new produ...

www.edn.com www.edn.com/rss/design/consumer

17 Automotive

Cars have become computers on wheels, with more and more automotive Design being driven by Electronics. Stay up to speed on automotive Design with this site. Topics discussed ...

www.edn.com www.edn.com/rss/design/automotive

17 DIY

Home for DIY (do it yourself) hobbyist, hackers, and honed engineers where you can exchange ideas and Design knowledge on Electronics. Find answers to DIY challenges and new o...

www.edn.com www.edn.com/rss/design/diy