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86 The Hill: Energy And Environment Policy

Energy and Environment Policy news from TheHill.com

thehill.com thehill.com/taxonomy/term/28/feed

45 Energy, Security, And Climate

CFR experts examine the science and foreign Policy surrounding climate change, Energy, and nuclear security.

blogs.cfr.org blogs.cfr.org/levi/feed/

43 Fuel Fix » Politics/Policy

Houston's daily must-read source for news and analysis on the oil, gas and Energy business

fuelfix.com fuelfix.com/blog/ca...itics-and-policy/feed/

39 World Resources Institute - Finance

Securing a sustainable, climate-resilient future will require significant investment. For example, research shows that by 2020, the world will need to invest $5.7 trillion ann...

www.wri.org www.wri.org/taxonomy/term/9640/feed

37 Energy And Environment Research

Energy and Environment Research (EER) is a double-blind peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among scientists and researchers in the f...

www.ccsenet.org www.ccsenet.org/jou...FeedGatewayPlugin/rss2

35 Wind Power News & Analysis RSS Feed

Read the latest wind industry & renewable Energy companies, Policy, wind farm projects & technology news, analysis on Windpower Monthly

www.windpowermonthly.com www.windpowermonthly.com/rss/news

22 IER

A Free Market Energy Organization

instituteforenergyresearch.org instituteforenergyr...rg/topics/policy/feed/

19 WyoFile » Energy

Indepth News about Wyoming People, Places & Policy. Wyoming news.

www.wyofile.com www.wyofile.com/category/energy-2/feed/

18 FreedomWorks - Energy & Environment

Government Policy is driving up the cost and reducing the supply of the Energy needed to power our economy.

www.freedomworks.org www.freedomworks.org/taxonomy/term/23708/feed

18 Brave New Climate » Policy

Getting to grips with the brave new world of future climate, Energy and technology - notes from a Promethean environmentalist

bravenewclimate.com bravenewclimate.com/category/policy/feed/

17 Nordic Energy Research » Keywords » Policy Support

Nordic Energy Research is the funding institution for Energy research under the Nordic Council of Ministers – the intergovernmental body between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, N...

www.nordicenergy.org www.nordicenergy.or...licy-support/feed/rss2

16 New Energy And Fuel

News and Views for Making and Saving Money in New Energy and Fuel

newenergyandfuel.com newenergyandfuel.com/privacy-policy-3/feed/

15 Sustainable Energy Policy & Practice - Daily RSS Feed

A Knowledgebase of Sustainable Energy Activities

energy-l.iisd.org energy-l.iisd.org/feed/

15 Climate Policy Observer

The Climate Policy Observer aims at providing a critical “state-of-the-art” picture of current climate and Energy policies with easy access to different resources.

climateobserver.org climateobserver.org/feed/

15 Energy Technology Matters

The Latest Legal, Financing, and Policy Developments in Energy and Clean Tech

www.energycleantechmatters.com www.energytechmatters.com/feed/

15 AICGS » Energy And Climate Policy

Providing Knowledge, Insights, and Networks for the Future

www.aicgs.org www.aicgs.org/categ...d-climate-policy/feed/

14 Our Finite World » Energy Policy

Exploring how oil limits affect the economy

ourfiniteworld.com ourfiniteworld.com/.../energy-policy-2/feed/